As of Spring 2020, I will be offering a few spaces for one-on-one mentorship calls. I hope you will understand that I have historically offered my help and time at no cost, but in an effort to keep up with the ongoing demand, I’ve had to place a few boundaries with my time.

One Month of Mom-to-Mom Voice Messaging ($250 per month): Looking for a bit more hand-holding and want quick how-to answers in transitioning to a cleaner diet tailored to your specific needs? This service is meant to offer a few minutes of help every day OR approximately 45 minutes per week on an as-needed basis. Communication would be established through Instagram messaging or text. This service does not involve email communication.

Let’s Chat ($125 per hour call): Need advice or want to talk, but don’t need a lot of hand holding? I completely understand.

Local Grocery Store Tour ($150):Β  Do you need help navigating the grocery store aisles for clean, additive-free foods? If you’re local to me* (within 30 minutes), let’s meet up for a fun shopping trip! These tours are a favorite for new families.

Please complete the contact form below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.Β  Appointments are limited.