Hear From Other Moms

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Over the years since starting the REID Program Facebook Page, I’ve heard several stories of healing from diet, but I’ve never had the time or ability to compile these incredible testimonials. I would love for this to be a place to document these families stories and journeys, not only as a form of recognition but as a way to provide hope for those still in the trenches. These stories of hope often provide support and empowerment for those in need.

  • REID…the Diet the Healed when all others failed
  • How I discovered that some foods were messing with my son’s brain.
  • Hear from a nurse about her journey with REID and CMS/Motor Stereotypies (aka stimming)  https://theholistichealthnurse.org/2016/01/07/motor-stereotypies-our-story-part-ii/
  • “My son is now in managed recovery and the REID program has contributed to our success. I believe diet is the foundation for healing and removing food that contributed to GABA/glutamate imbalance was key in getting my son to speak and his behaviors to disappear. We recently were given the green light to stop ABA (my son is only 3.5 years) and a panel evaluated my son and he is now ahead in all categories of development. His neurologist removed the diagnosis one year after initially giving it.”
  • “Yes. My son’s developmental pediatrician just indicated he would no longer meet the criteria for autism. We slowly found our way to REID from Feingold and are still working to improve diet further, but my son has improved drastically. I strongly believe in the toxicity of excess free glutamate. Have you watched any of Dr. Katie Reid’s videos?”
  • “Amazing here. We were doing gaps. As soon as we switched there were big changes. His nanny was out of town when we switched and when she returned a week later she said it was as if a curtain was lifted. We’ve gotten increased receptive language (80% better than before we started). We have speech that is SLOW coming but coming. The biggest change is in the social aspect. He wants to play all the time, he calls people on the phone (usually nonsense conversations but he calls and talks).”
  • “We started REID program last year in June. my daughter was diagnosed with ASD dec2014, last year in August diagnose was unofficially removed. although my kids do not have that severe free glutamate reaction, if they get exposed to it, like Andi’s son, removing it from our diet set us on the way to recovery. We are still working on some things, its hard to balance the diet all the time, plus we are evolving to what worked for us best. Last year was very interesting for us! 🙂 thanks to Andi Stowe!”
  • “We have seen HUGE gains following the REID protocol. My daughter was diagnosed with autism a few months after her second birthday. We started intensive ABA, OT, and speech. We did not see big gains until we started this diet. Her language before her diet was ten words or less now it’s in the hundreds and we have only been on the diet 7 months. We recently went back to have her evaluated and they said she does not meet the requirements for the diagnosis for autism anymore. She is still catching up on speech but she attends a typical preschool, does gymnastics, and doing all the things they said she wouldn’t do. For us healing began with removing free glutamate.”
  • “The psychiatrist and clinical director at my son’s school just told us that that his issues are so subtle now that he wouldn’t meet the criteria for autism.  We noticed drastic changes within a week of removing processed food (we went gfcf, then pulled the processed food).  We didn’t (and still haven’t) removed all sources of glutamate – for example we don’t grind our own nut flour) but still saw drastic changes within a week.  Went from daily tantrums to almost never.  Overall irritability was greatly improved.  Started coloring and doing art with joy (was always scared to get out of the lines before), and imaginative play emerged.  This all happened pretty quickly after the diet change.  We’ve been on the diet about 6 months now, and we see continued improvement.  We need to continue to balance the diet and add herbs for the next phase of our work.”
  • “I have 2 boys (both with Tourettes Syndrome) – now 10 & 13, their lives have been DRAMATICALLY changed by implementing the REID diet. My youngest went from ticcing 24/7 along with dealing with some major anxiety, attachment issues, extreme fears, panic attacks, social anxieties to now having virtually no tics and functioning normally. My oldest has also shown drastic improvements with the severity of his tics however we are still working through further healing (I know we need to get their gut more balanced and figure out specific food irritants). We haven’t really implemented the herbal recommendations of Dr. Reid which I am sure would help us as well. The elimination/reduction of glutamates is definitely the first step!! And stick with it, our progress has come over time but, like I said, life. Changing. ♥️”
  • “We have experienced tremendous progress with Reid, especially from attention, sensory and speech issues. We started over the summer and the difference was so startling come Sep that even his school decided against hiring a shadow teacher for him. We are doing a few other things now because his heavy metal load is significant, but still follow Reid and still healing with the smoothies, herbs etc”
  • “Reid has changed our life. When my daughter started Reid her CMS movements were happening so frequently that when she would do them her body would get very hot like it was over heating. We started with getting rid of anything processed and adding in a salad every day. Her body stopped over heating and her movements slowed. After a year her body never overheats and her movements aren’t as frequent. We decided to make an appointment with dr Reid to start adding in herbs.I would say the appointment with her was more beneficial than any biomedical or naturopath we had seen.  She’s amazing.  We are so thankful.”
  • “My son is a 23 year old with autism. We’ve been following the Reid Protocol and began transitioning the fall of October 2015. Mind you, it was not easy to get my son to give up the “junk” food that he once loved. I was at a meeting today for him at his vocational school (kids with disabilities) and for the first time ever, they updated his file as having “no behavioral issues”. I am pleased. I say he is 70% recovered.”
  • “From Echolia to having full blown conversations. From huge sensory processing disorder to none! From bad constipation to none..the list goes on.”
  • “My son is PANS and was spiraling. He couldn’t eat, sleep, bathe himself, dress himself, Severe ocd, self harming etc.  Screaming and raging all day and all night. Steroids were the only thing that touched it after a slew of supps and medications. After the steroid benefits tapered we were still left with lots of problems, but he was able to eat and not scream as much all day. After a ton of research I stumbled on this diet. We went really hard on it for about 4 months and saw dramatic improvements. It was sooooo hard and i literally was cooking and cleaning morning till late at night. We couldn’t go anywhere or do anything because of all the food constraints. But we knew it was helping. I’ve taken the basic principles but have modified it to fit our lives now. Supplements have played a huge part in our healing journey, but they couldn’t do their job with the level of inflammation and high glutamate that was going on. I have also learned through our 4yr journey that supps are very tricky and can do allot more harm then good if you don’t know what you are doing. We are in a good place right now. I don’t know if it will last, but I’m happy to be able to enjoy my child right now. Any moments of joy and good times is worth it even if it’s temporary. We have loosened up and still do green smoothies and avoid the main no no’s. But we bend here and there on some things. We’ve been doing it for about 7/8 months now I think?”
  • “At the age of 2.2 years old my son was diagnosed with severe form of autism. He used to be nonverbal, not potty trained, no eye contact, ocd, and a lot of vocal and motor stimming. He could barely walk( tip toe) and his right arm wasn’t really functioning. He couldn’t jump, he slept 2-3 hours during the night, and he constantly was running away from us. Now, he is 4 and all the things has changed drastically for him and for the entire our family. He says words in Russian and English, he counts up to 10, knows all colors, fruits&vegetables, geometric shapes, and animals in both languages. He has 100% of eye contact. He learned how to jump, has no vocal stimming (only during the dye-off), fully potty trained, plays with his toys appropriately, and he is not afraid of public places anymore. We still struggling with yeast, speech delay, and gaba but, hopefully, soon he will get better. Thank you, Dr.Reid, Milla, Andy, and Christa for your support!!!”
  • “The Reid diet is an answered prayer.  The Reid diet and Dr Reid has kept Eli off of anti seizures and psychotropic meds.  Eli started the Reid diet at age 9.  He is now 10 years old. .He’s been on the diet for one year. Sense starting the diet we’ve seen miracles.  When we started this diet. Eli was diagnosed with severe histamine/mast cell disorder , chronic EMF sensitivities, parasites, candida overgrowth, chronic seizures, tics and schizophrenic behavior. Eli’s diet was also limited. He had a hard time digesting fruits, dairy, nuts and starches. Before starting the Reid diet.  We worked with amazing doctors. He did 2 years of homeopathy, 6 years of gaps diet minus ferments and three years of lyme and panda treatments. Eli  had a hard time tolerating  his past protocols. We had to go super slow on all of his treatments. He made progress but the progress was slow.  Amazingly when we started the Reid diet. Elijah was able to tolerate this protocol easier then the others. His healing results were quicker and more profound.  Dr Reid is also amazing. She was able to find an infection called clostridum on his OATS testing. Treating this infection made a huge difference with his chronic symptoms. He no longer has seizures, schizophrenic behavior or tics. His chronic histamine issue has also improved immensely. He is able to eat fruit, starches, nuts and a small amount of dairy. He hasn’t had fruit on a regular basis sense he was 2 years old. He is more confident and he feels less insecure about taking his foods to school. Recently he ate pinto bean for the first time in his life!! He’s made improvement with his chronic EMF issues but we still have work to do in this area. Thank you Dr Reid for sharing your gifts, wisdom and love with this group.”
  • “Diagnosed at 18 months mild asd. Around 15 months i noticed something was wrong, but didnt know what it was. He did not know how to chew and would only eat rice and yogurt. I would make different foods all day and he would spit everything out and gag and choke on everything. I took out the dairy products and sat with him for hrs at each meal showing him how to chew by modeling on myself. I then started green smoothies right away and whole foods was not quite reid exactly but noticed a change right away. He only had the sound “zaa” for everything and now speaks full sentences. I watched dr reids videos on youtube and tried to make different smoothies. He was drinking 2 to 3 different types of smoothies a day with lots of greens mostly. We are still trying to get to the reid plate but not fully there yet. He also really hates green smoothies now! 😂 i still give him at least one but its not as easy anymore 😊 I am so grateful for dr reid and this group i feel we were given a second chance to get our child back and lay the foundation for permanent health for our kids ❤”
  • “My son was diagnosed with CMS when he was 6 months old, and it progressively became more constant and severe until I discovered Andi in a CMS group who told us about this amazing diet reformation that had helped recover her son from autism. I watched Katie’s Ted talk and reformed our diet (I was breastfeeding) basically overnight when he was 12 months old. After just removing most free glutamate sources from our diet,his movements reduced significantly in a span of days, and then after about 6 months, his movements were no longer noticeable to most people. He also had some sensory and balance issues before REID, which also resolved. The cleaner we ate and the more healing food and herbs (Milla has always been our herb guru) we added, the healthier we have all become.  *This reformation has also included other lifestyle changes which I believe are a big part of healing. We avoid pharmaceuticals, try not to use any plastic, don’t use the microwave, use as few *clean* hygiene/beauty products as possible, try to reduce emf exposure, use epsom salt baths and homeopathy, and support the kids to deal with acute illnesses esp with fevers rather than suppress the symptoms. Thank you again Andi Milla and Dr. Katie Reid!”
  • “My son was also diagnosed with CMS at 6 months we switched to reid (vegan part healthy part junk food diet before that) my sons CMS stopped and my daughters night terrors went away. we have slowly slipped back into bad habits and my son who is now 15 months old is having very very extreme temper tantrums so we are starting again and hoping we can help those”
  • “My son had many vocal stims and had many tics. Some were like Tourette’s and some just classic autism behaviors. We did very strict Reid diet cutting more like eggs, all grains but quinoa and wild rice. We did tons of fresh culinary herbs, several Reid recommended herbs in every dish when we started. We did salt baths every night and we also did advanced trs for heavy metals. In the beginning I was just on TRS and a basic gf/df/sf diet and the tics and stims would change to new tics or lessen all together but nothing perfect. We started Reid and I can’t even recall when he lost all tics and stims because I was amazed at the all over gains for everything. My son is only 2 yrs but the one tic he had since 6 months where he’d fist his face then chew his hand when excited or frustrated was the worst one we could not go a day without him doing several times a day and no more random Chewbacca noises and grunts or eye rolling. I do however believe that the two interventions are what took tics away and not just one. We did trs for 7 months and have been on strict Reid for a little over 7 months now.”
  • “Earlier this year (just prior to starting the REID diet) we visited a neurotypical preschool as a consideration for our son.At the time, he had major repetitive behaviors with regard to walking up and down steps, in and out of doorways etc.). If I stopped him and disrupted the behavior, he’d have a mega temper tantrum.The day we toured the school he became obsessed with wanting to walk up and down the steps during the tour. So, I had to pick him up so the tour could move along, this resulted in a very embarrassing temper tantrum complete with him hitting my face repeatedly.The school administrator was very gracious but in that moment I felt the pain of his diagnosis and I just knew we’d never be “mainstream.” Well, shortly after starting REID (9 months ago) we lost the repetitive behaviors. (Yay!!) And as for that Neurotypical preschool? Well, today is our son’s second day as a new student. Part of me is sad like any Momma who drops their child off at school for the first time, but more of me is filled with JOY!!! What seemed unattainable just 10 months ago is now our reality!! Who knows what tomorrow will bring but each day we improve a little more and, for today anyway, my son gets to enjoy some time with his peers. Sometimes gains are small, much smaller than the challenges that often overshadow them. I’d encourage everyone to live in the small victories, hold on the them and enjoy your child for who they are today!! Perfect and made in the image of God! **Updating this just to add that we still very much have a diagnosis (ASD). Also we are sending behavioral tech with him to school until he gets the hang of things, or indefinitely, or until the school tell us it’s not a good fit. Just day by day!”
  • “We just moved and my LO started a new school which means transferring an IEP. They wanted to do testing to see where she is at. Long story short she didn’t test as having autism or a speech delay. They’re keeping her IEP for a year just as a precaution until she’s half way through Kindergarten. She is in a typical classroom with no supports and thriving. Her teacher has no behavior or academic concerns. Also, I love that she knows when she can’t eat something and only has interest in “her food”.”
  • ““We have been on REID for almost 5 months. We have been GF/CF for 4 years and SF for 2 year prior to starting. Our child is 8 years old and we have been doing early intervention and therapies since 12 months. We have seen so many positive changes, the biggest has been self regulation. No more hand flapping with excitement, no more seeking deep pressure or teeth grinding, able to focus and attend to a task -without movement accommodations in school. Language processing has improved, pretend playing with siblings!(Huge). Started a special needs program this year (after being homeschooled for 2 years) and since the beginning of October he has transitioned into a general 2nd grade classroom for the majority of the day. He still receives learning support for writing but otherwise is doing grade level work. He is mimicking social behaviors, starting to make friends. I can not tell you how happy I am to have found this group. This program has given my son more in just a few months then years of therapies were not able to accomplish. My family and friends don’t understand any of this-but you all do. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and support”
  • “I can’t remember exactly when we started Reid—1.5 years ago maybe a little more, but our son who had severe apraxia and was a “wild child” just received straight A’s with and average of 98% in 2nd grade. And the other day after school he said, “Mom, I did something nice for Sofia at school. When we were coming back from PE she looked cold and I asked her if she wanted my sweatshirt. She said yes and I gave it to her.” Besides having almost perfect speech when he said that, the fact, that after running around in PE, he was aware of how someone else felt and wasn’t in OVERDRIVE proves to me that his inflammation is going away!!”