Better, Not Perfect

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I’ve decided that I am going to start a series of posts where I compare convenience foods and provide a better, but not perfect, replacement option. We all know that cooking every meal from scratch is the best, but I also understand that situations may come up where you don’t have the option and/or that some don’t want to make the commitment to REID but do want to improve their current diet. 

Because some of these foods are not completely REID approved, I will refrain from posting them to the REID Facebook group. However, I will post them (with a link) to my @nourishedblessings Facebook page. Please feel free to follow that page if you would like access to the link. 

Disclaimer: I feel like I need to include every sort of disclaimer here because these foods are not perfect and I am sure many will find reasons to criticize them. However, I will absolutely admit how hard it can be to switch your family to a whole food based diet when coming from the standard American diet. While theses foods are not ideal and can be inflammatory due to poor quality oils, sugar, non-organic, high in x,y,z etc., they may help reduce free glutamate exposure or are slightly cleaner options when switching to a whole food diet. Please keep in mind that many of these foods can also feed underlying pathogens which can additionally create a surge in glutamate. 

B E T T E R, N O T P E R F E C T | Oatmeal Granola Bar Edition 

I’ve been able to find this FreeYumm product at random Whole Foods and Amazon,

If you’re looking for a cleaner simple oatmeal granola bar recipe, take a look at this one from @minimalistbaker and try to source both organic and GF oats 😉…/

From breakfast on the run, sports/game treats and school snacks, we are often looking for a cleaner granola bar option. While products like Annie’s are touted as the healthy option, they are often still loaded with junk (canola oil and several sources of free glutamate/MSG 👆🏻). We’ve found a cleaner option from FreeYumm. While I wish it was organic (most oats are drenched in glyphosate) and that they would choose a better quality oil, this product would be substantially lower in glutamate and less inflammatory than the other option. LOVE that is allergy friendly for our sensitive kids.