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Fellowship with Local Moms & TACA

It is in these small gatherings where our local moms are invited to come to learn from each other, share fellowship, tips and create friendships as we try to navigate our individual journeys to better health. If your child is struggling with ADD, ADHD, PANS, PANDAS, Autism, developmental delays, speech delays etc.  and you’re looking for more resources regarding diet changes (or REID) and root causes, please join us! No diagnosis required!! However, Autism Parents…are you familiar with TACA, yet? TACA (Talk About Curing Autism Now) is an amazing non-profit run by autism parents dedicated in helping, supporting and empowering  families affected by autism.  It offers free autism parent mentors for autism families, and I am proud to be one of them!  TACA offers our community better support, education and I will do my best to help explain how you can easily access their free resources.

  • February 2018 Gathering:




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