Pesticides, Herbicides, & Why We Try to Consume Organic

This is not a comprehensive list, simply some articles I have found along the way. Organic is always our preferred choice! Here are just a few examples of why we try to choose organic over conventional food products.  While we are not always able to source organic, making an effort to at least avoid the "Dirty Dozen", should be beneficial. Auxigrow In 1998 the EPA ruled that MSG can be sprayed onto crops without restriction. Auxigrow, which contains free glutamate has historically been sprayed on conventional fruits and vegetables to increase yield and help prevent mildew. [...]

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The Role of Glutamate in Vaccines   As a mother of an injured child, I believe there is a huge connection between vaccines, autism, and glutamate. As we know autism, like many other chronic conditions, is a hyper-glutamate condition.  There are several ways vaccines can lead to elevated glutamate levels and induce neuroinflammation, excitotoxicity, and 'immunoexcitotoxicity,' resulting in increased sensitivity to glutamate. Elevated glutamate levels have been studied to be a primary contributor to a laundry list of health issues. A few include autism, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's, addiction,  cancer growth, migraines, mitochondrial dysfunction, movement disorders, complex motor stereotypies, and seizures [...]

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I’ve procrastinated on writing this post about homeopathy because it’s complex and hard to put into words what it is and how it works. I am not a medical professional and this post does not act as medical advice, I am simply sharing our experience with homeopathy thus far (we started homeopathy in January of 2015). Homeopathy has been truly life-changing for our family and our love and appreciation for it continues to grow with time. I can’t tell our story about homeopathy without explaining how we were led to it, because it was an absolute [...]


Primitive Reflex Integration-MNRI®

Early on in our journey, our Integrative Pediatrician suggested that we try MNRI® or primitive reflex integration therapy.  Not being too familiar with it, we held off for three years and proceeded forward with the more traditional therapies, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.  While there are other programs that incorporate some use of primitive reflex integration (Brain Balance does, for example), MNRI® stands for Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration, where they use a set of physical patterns to integrate any primitive reflexes that may have been retained. The therapy is very hands-on, similar to physical or [...]

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