Items are listed from highest to lowest in free glutamate (High, Moderate, Medium, Low)

I have a few disclaimers to add here: Many of the listed ingredients are based on our personal experience and sensitivity to free glutamate. Specific ingredients like “strawberry flavor” will not be listed; instead, they fall into the “natural flavors” category.

* glutamate levels depend on the extent of commercial processing

** some whole foods will have ingredients that reduce glutamate effect, and this varies with individuals

***sensitivity to free glutamate varies from person to person. I suspect those more sensitive to free glutamate may be due to underlying high sources of glutamate intrinsically produced by the body in response to inflammation and immune dysfunction.

****I am just a mom, and this is not medical advice. I am merely sharing what has helped our family. Fortunately, with time, our sensitivity to these foods has decreased.

Ingredient Level