Making Better Smoothies

#1 Tip- Get a good blender.  Over 90% of people polled within the REID Facebook Group suggest getting a Vitamix blender. While expensive, this is our absolute favorite one. Basic Smoothie Recipe 2 cups fruit 1-3 cups veggies 1 cup water Liquid Base Options We like to use water, cooled tea, milk alternatives, or fresh pressed juice. When using milk alternatives, save yourself the money and toss in a few raw nuts, seeds, or coconut shreds into the blender and add [...]

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Our Lessons in Healing Timeline

As most of us have discovered, there are lessons to be made when things get rough, even though you may not see them at the moment. This is my very shorthanded abbreviated version of our lessons learned and our healing timeline.  While I know everyone's journey is different, I hope some are able to learn from the mistakes we've made and the lessons we've learned. I heard GFCF is beneficial for Autism and cut it out cold turkey, despite [...]

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Sample Weekly Meal Plan

I know more than most how overwhelming diet changes can be, especially when going to a low-glutamate diet! While our compliance with a low-glutamate diet has fluctuated over the years, this meal plan is an example of keeping it lower in glutamate while maintaining some sanity with cleaner packaged food options.  There will ALWAYS be room for improvement in diet, and this is a better, not perfect, idea of a typical week. It is important to note that we always [...]

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Food and Behavior Journal

Keeping track of food intake with stool, mood, and behavioral changes is one of the easiest and most cost-effective (who doesn't love free) ways to provide insight as to what foods might be problematic for you.  It is important to note that changes in stool, mood, and behavior may appear the day following consumption and can last for days in some people.  Please feel free to use this free tool to help recognize food sensitivities contributing to your overall inflammation, glutamate [...]

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A Story of Hope with Homeopathy: “I Should Have Done It Years Ago”

I frequently receive stories of hope, but I struggle to find the time to share them. Here is a story of hope sent to me last week from a mom that incorporated a low glutamate diet (REID) and then homeopathy. “I haven’t thanked you yet for being a huge motivator of me finally doing homeopathy for my son. I should have done it years ago when you were preaching about it in the REID Facebook group. He had huge [...]

Lowering Glutamate | Lithium Orotate

In this post, we are referring to the low-dose mineral supplement, Lithium Orotate,  and not the high-dose prescription, Lithium Carbonate, which is known to have many side effects. Again, this is not considered medical advice and dosing/exposure will depend on individual needs. "Lithium is thought to help regulate the neurotransmitter glutamate by keeping the amount of glutamate between brain cells at a stable, healthy level to support healthy brain function. The mineral has been shown to be neuroprotective and to [...]

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Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

Who doesn’t love ranch dressing?  I don’t think ranch dressing needs much of an intro, but this dressing is an easy way to sneak some herbs in and get your child eating salads. Did I mention we used mayonnaise to entice our son to eat salads, lol. Apple cider vinegar is the least offensive vinegar when considering levels of free glutamate. Feel free to play with the herbs used in this recipe to fit your needs best. Dill is an [...]

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Lowering Glutamate | Astragalus Root

This is a powerful immune stimulator for anti-viral immunity and it powerfully inhibits the cytokine storm. Most immune stimulators activate the microglia. When this is done frequently, the microglia can be chronically activated, resulting in an outpouring of inflammatory cytokines and glutamate. There have been studies examining the TNF-α cytokine which is typically increased with immune stimulators, but astragalus, in particular, DECREASES TNF-α cytokines. I cannot tell you exactly why this happens, but there have been a few studies indicating [...]

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A Story of Hope: “We Are Seeing So Much Progress”

We occasionally get letters or comments from parents that have seen improvements in health with REID. To help provide hope to so many still in the trenches, I’ve decided to make more of an effort to share some of these comments (with their permission, of course). Many of us don’t have it all figured out, but we cling to the hope and words of progress. Everyone’s journey is different, diet changes may not reap huge changes for all, but it is [...]

Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

We love to use breakfast casseroles and or frittatas for holiday breakfast options, but since they can be prepared or made ahead and reheated,  they are also a nutritious option for mornings on the run.  While this is a good base recipe, we tend to switch it up a bit by varying the vegetables, meat, and herbs used.  It is important to note that some may be sensitive to bacon due to the glutamate risk (read below), but I have also [...]

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