What is REID

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**Disclaimer** I am in no way compensated, rewarded or encouraged by Dr. Reid to share this information.  In fact, it is quite the opposite, as we are dedicated to help her as much as possible. My family’s experience with REID has fueled my passion to help bring awareness to the role of excess glutamate in health issues and because of this we have made  financial contributions to Dr. Reid’s’ non profit dedicated to further research, unblindmymind.org.  I am however, working with her on an implementation book to help others as they make these lifestyle changes.  The vast majority of those expected proceeds will go to the non-profit as well. 

Dr. Katie Reid is the founder and biochemist behind the REID Program. It was the health of her daughter that drove her to dig deeper into the various manufacturing processes that create free glutamate within our processed foods. She has since directed her research into the role of excess glutamate and various metabolites in the role of common health issues. Often times, diets are not one size fits-all, and I highly advise consulting with her based on your specific circumstances. She is available for consultations at, www.unblindmymind.org.

The Reduced Excitatory Inflammatory Diet (REID) is a high vegetable, whole food diet that emphasizes the removal of excitatory and inflammatory food sources. Some of the most prevalent excitatory and inflammatory foods are gluten, casein (class of proteins found in diet), soy and food additives containing free glutamate and aspartate. These foods can be problematic because of their high concentration of unbound glutamate (glutamic acid). Please see the ‘What is Glutamate’ tab for more information.

The REID lifestyle also has a heavy emphasis on herbal remedies and vegetables.  Herbs are used to help combat an underlying infections, intestinal overgrowth, pathogens, calm microglial activation and so on. Vegetables are used to help restore balance to body, provide a source of vitamins & minerals, maintain fiber fermentation, manage metabolites, provide neuroprotection, restore proper cellular function, and so on. The ideal REID perfect plate should contain about 75% percent high fiber vegetables and limit muscle meat consumption. This is just as important as removing processed sources of excitatory foods.