Homeopathic Potencies & Dosing

Video correction!! In this video, I mistakenly referred to cups as part of the dilution rate instead of parts. Our family frequently uses water dosing with cup dilutions and, out of habit, said  1 part material to 10 cups water (etc.). I should have said 1 part material to 10 parts water. I apologize for the confusion.  When you look at a homeopathic remedy vial, you will notice the remedy name, followed by a number and a letter.  The number identifies how many times the original material has been diluted. The letter [...]

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What is Homeopathy?

Listen, I know that a good bit of the information found below will sound a little woo-woo. I have been in your shoes before, and I am well aware of how it sounds. I went into homeopathy, not believing in it, so there was very little risk to me. However, our lives have been forever changed by it, and it has been the most important decision we have made in our health. Homeopathy has helped to restore our health in more ways than I can count. Though our homeopath recommends we always [...]

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Food and Behavior Journal

Keeping track of food intake with stool, mood, and behavioral changes is one of the easiest and most cost-effective (who doesn't love free) ways to provide insight as to what foods might be problematic for you.  It is important to note that changes in stool, mood, and behavior may appear the day following consumption and can last for days in some people.  Please feel free to use this free tool to help recognize food sensitivities contributing to your overall inflammation, glutamate levels, and health. Remember that underlying microbial imbalances in the gut can contribute to food sensitivities. [...]

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Care Provider Sample Letter

One of the more complex tasks we faced was briefly summarizing the severity of the glutamate sensitivity to our care providers (teachers, babysitters, and even family). While this letter is specific to our son, it may help guide how to explain this to care providers.  You may also want to print this list for their reference. Dear [INSERT NAME OF RECIPIENT HERE], I know [INSERT CHILDS NAME HERE] food allergies can be pretty confusing, so I will attempt to give you a little more information about what we are dealing with. I apologize in advance for getting a [...]

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Diet Implementation & Tips

The information shared within this blog has been gathered by a mother, not a physician, and should not act as any form of medical advice. While we quickly implemented diet changes ourselves, I completely understand how overwhelming the process can be. Because this diet can be so overwhelming, I would encourage you to bite off one task or goal at a time, with the intention of truly making it a lifestyle change.  However, "wow" changes will likely be more easily noticed the quicker you make the changes and once you are strictly avoiding [...]

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