What is Homeopathy?

Listen, I know that a good bit of the information found below will sound a little woo-woo. I have been in your shoes before, and I am well aware of how it sounds. I went into homeopathy, not believing in it, so there was very little risk to me. However, our lives have been forever changed by it, and it has been the most important decision we have made in our health. Homeopathy has helped to restore our health in more ways than I can count. Though our homeopath recommends we always [...]

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Just Removing Gluten and Casein

The very first thing we did to help our son and improve our health was to try the removal of gluten and casein/dairy. While it did not completely remove our son's symptoms, it did significantly help to decrease them enough that we knew we would benefit from the removal for the long haul.  His seizure-like shakes (CMS) decreased from over 40 a day to about 4 a week (Johns Hopkins later came out with a study linking CMS to an imbalance in glutamate and GABA), his eye contact improved, and the fog lifted.  I also personally [...]

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Talks & Media

Over the years, I have been asked to share more about our journey, which is quite the task for an introvert. Because of this, I presented with Dr. Katie Reid at the CoMo Wellness Conference, participated in a radio interview with Dr. Elizabeth Allemann, and presented in the Autism Abilities Workshop. However, I most enjoyed being a TACA (The Autism Community in Action) Chapter Head & Parent mentor.  Here are just a few talks and podcasts I have participated in that may also be helpful for you: Dr. Reid and I did a series of Instagram Lives to [...]

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Digging Deeper Into Diet Sample Weekly Meal Plan

I know more than most how overwhelming diet changes can be, especially when going to a low-glutamate diet! While our compliance with a low-glutamate diet has fluctuated over the years, this meal plan is an example of keeping it lower in glutamate while maintaining some sanity with cleaner packaged food options.  There will ALWAYS be room for improvement in diet, and this is a better, not perfect, idea of a typical week. It is important to note that we always strive for more green vegetables in our meals. Ratios served can make a substantial difference. Some [...]

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Food and Behavior Journal

Keeping track of food intake with stool, mood, and behavioral changes is one of the easiest and most cost-effective (who doesn't love free) ways to provide insight as to what foods might be problematic for you.  It is important to note that changes in stool, mood, and behavior may appear the day following consumption and can last for days in some people.  Please feel free to use this free tool to help recognize food sensitivities contributing to your overall inflammation, glutamate levels, and health. Remember that underlying microbial imbalances in the gut can contribute to food sensitivities. [...]

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A Story of Hope with Homeopathy: “I Should Have Done It Years Ago”

I frequently receive stories of hope, but I struggle to find the time to share them. Here is a story of hope sent to me last week from a mom that incorporated a low glutamate diet (REID) and then homeopathy. “I haven’t thanked you yet for being a huge motivator of me finally doing homeopathy for my son. I should have done it years ago when you were preaching about it in the REID Facebook group. He had huge gains, decreased stimming, etc., when we did about 80% REID many years ago, but it seems [...]

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Free Glutamate Search

Items are listed from highest to lowest in free glutamate (High, Moderate, Medium, Low) I have a few disclaimers to add here: Many of the listed ingredients are based on our personal experience and sensitivity to free glutamate. Specific ingredients like “strawberry flavor” will not be listed; instead, they fall into the “natural flavors” category. * glutamate levels depend on the extent of commercial processing ** some whole foods will have ingredients that reduce glutamate effect, and this varies with individuals ***sensitivity to free glutamate varies from person to person. I suspect those more sensitive to free [...]

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Our Favorite Cookies

I was vacationing in the mountains with a fellow low glutamate mom, and as moms do, we all packed some clean eats for us to share. Well, my friend brought the most amazing cookies I have ever had, even during my gluten-filled days.  After gaining about 5lbs over the week, I begged her to share the recipe.  The recipe is by the talented Laura Lea Balanced. You can check out her website and her fantastic cookbooks here.  With a few minor tweaks to make this recipe more compliant, it has become our go-to recipe that I’m not [...]

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowls are our go-to option for last-minute weeknight meals and tonight was the perfect example of this situation.  While dealing with high temperatures on the official first day of Autumn, I attempted to create a cold autumn-inspired Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl for dinner.  It was a hit!  Heads up, this smoothie bowl is super sweet and is more like a dessert, hence the Pumpkin Pie name. This recipe made three large servings.  Happy Fall!!! […]

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Thai Vegetable Coconut Rice

Looking for a delicious Meatless-Monday meal?  I’ve found it! One of my closest friends (and if I’m being honest, more like my therapist), Maggie sent this, Host the Toast recipe to me a year ago and we’ve been making it ever since. My whole family LOVES this recipe and it is a great way to sneak in some extra vegetables, especially if you’re trying to cut back on meat.  The recipe below has been modified from the Host the Tost original recipe to keep it lower in glutamate. I subbed lime juice for the vinegar, used clean [...]

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