Lowering Glutamate | Melatonin

Melatonin-  Melatonin is often just associated with sleep and there is a huge connection between sleep disturbances and an imbalance in glutamate (excites) and GABA (calms). Our children lean towards excess glutamate which will make them more prone to sleep disturbances. The smallest amount of glutamate would wake my son for 2-3 nights. Melatonin and glutamate have a complicated relationship.  It appears as though melatonin protects against excess glutamate AND glutamate inhibits melatonin (fluoride and aspartate/aspartame do as well). Some Foods/Herbs Highest in Melatonin Tart cherries Asparagus Walnuts Almonds Pomegranate Raspberries Broccoli Cucumber Mustard seeds Fenugreek [...]