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Burger Sauce

School is out for summer, and burger season is upon us!  For years, we made burger salads instead of burgers because it is impossible to find low-glutamate burger buns. However, this sauce helps amplify your boring cheese-free burger salad and is also great on regular burgers (gluten-free or not) and even as a dip for your fries. I hope you like this as much as we do! Ingredients 1/2 c. Mayonnaise (homemade or Better, Not Perfect, cleaner store-bought) 3 tbsp Ketchup (Better, Not Perfect, cleaner ketchup) 1 tsp Brown Mustard (Our FAVORITE) 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar [...]

Burger Sauce2023-05-25T16:51:20-04:00

Lowering Glutamate | Homeopathic Glutamate

Ultra-Low Dose and Homeopathically Prepared Glutamate While homeopathy has been used for over two hundred years, science is still catching up on how it works, and more and more studies are being released. Since excess glutamate has played such a substantial role in our personal health issues, and we have greatly benefited from homeopathy, I had to research the connection to homeopathically prepared glutamate. Homeopathy differs from conventional medicine as it is based on the concept of like cures like and does not function as suppressive medicine (temporarily suppressing symptoms); instead, it works to resolve the root of [...]

Lowering Glutamate | Homeopathic Glutamate2023-06-28T17:08:38-04:00

Glutamate Produced by the Body

Not too long after starting the low-glutamate diet, REID, I buried myself in research at the hospital library to further research the role of glutamate produced by the body (intrinsic glutamate) and why one might be more sensitive to dietary free glutamate. This is where I came across the brilliant studies and presentations by the neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock. Dr. Russell Blaylock directed quite a bit of his research toward the role of immune activation triggering excess glutamate in a process called immunoexcitotoxicity. So what is immunoexcitotoxicity and what is the connection between these underlying or active [...]

Glutamate Produced by the Body2023-08-16T18:58:14-04:00

Meal Planning & Our Go-To Recipes

I know the dreaded meal planning all too well! I try to limit my grocery shopping to two days a week.  Here is how I plan for our meals during the week: I use the "Notes" section on my phone to create a running grocery list. I've made it shareable with family members so that they can add to the list. I use the "Notes" section on my phone to create a running list of meal ideas.  Most of my ideas are from following my favorite cookbook authors on Instagram.  I will then copy and paste their [...]

Meal Planning & Our Go-To Recipes2023-05-18T16:39:06-04:00

Apple Overnight Oats

Ingredients 2 c. Gluten Free Organic Oats (One Degree Organics is our favorite) 2 c. Nondairy Milk (Malk or Elmhurst1925 is our favorites) 2 tbsp Chia Seeds 4 tbsp Chopped Pecans 4 tbsp Raisins 2-3 tbsp Apple Butter (this is a very important ingredient) Instructions Stir to combine. Cover and let sit overnight. Serve with or without fresh fruit.  This is also great served with chopped sunflower microgreens to increase nutritional value.

Apple Overnight Oats2023-04-25T11:11:11-04:00

Our Story Of Hope

From nearly his conception, our son has kept us on our toes. Abnormal ultrasounds, a NICU stay, eczema, colic, constipation, sleepless nights, and all of those new parent worries were dealt with early on. Despite all of this, though, we still managed to have a precious, healthy boy meeting all his milestones and typically developing. In fact, at his 18-month checkup, he was evaluated as being developmental, "right on track," happy, engaging, pointing, and even saying, “I love you." Unfortunately, our world started crumbling shortly after this checkup, and our faith was tested. One of the [...]

Our Story Of Hope2023-04-27T17:16:20-04:00

Glutamate In Food

Bound Glutamate vs. Free Glutamate Proteins contain the amino acid glutamate. When glutamate is "bound" to the protein or in the whole form, it is rarely problematic, even for those highly sensitive to glutamate. However, glutamate often becomes problematic when the proteins are degraded and glutamate is "freed" from the protein chain. MSG is the most common form of free glutamate in our food, and the terms free glutamate and MSG are frequently used interchangeably. Historically, MSG and its various names have been added to our food to provide a competitive edge over other manufacturers by making [...]

Glutamate In Food2023-04-27T17:17:27-04:00

Why Homeopathy

I’ve procrastinated on writing this post about homeopathy because it’s complex and hard to describe what it is and how it works. Furthermore, I am not a medical professional, and this post does not act as medical advice; I am simply sharing our experience with homeopathy thus far (we started homeopathy in January 2015). Homeopathy has been life-changing for our family, and our love and appreciation for it continue to grow. I can’t tell our story about homeopathy without explaining how we were led to it because it was an absolute God thing. I was introduced to [...]

Why Homeopathy2023-04-29T18:35:08-04:00

Homeopathic Potencies & Dosing

Video correction!! In this video, I mistakenly referred to cups as part of the dilution rate instead of parts. Our family frequently uses water dosing with cup dilutions and, out of habit, said  1 part material to 10 cups water (etc.). I should have said 1 part material to 10 parts water. I apologize for the confusion.  When you look at a homeopathic remedy vial, you will notice the remedy name, followed by a number and a letter.  The number identifies how many times the original material has been diluted. The letter [...]

Homeopathic Potencies & Dosing2023-05-01T18:49:33-04:00

Homeopathic Water Dosing

Homeopathic water dosing is a way to decrease the dose and or prolong the use of homeopathic remedies. With this approach, instead of taking dry pellets, one consumes some of the water that contains the dissolved homeopathic pellets. You do not need to take a water dose to take a homeopathic remedy.  I am only sharing this for those that may be more sensitive or whose homeopaths use water dosing.  How to Make A Water Dose Remedy Bottle: What you will need: 8oz  Plastic Disposable Water Bottle (this is your remedy bottle) [...]

Homeopathic Water Dosing2023-04-29T17:11:01-04:00
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