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Lowering Glutamate | Cistus

Our family LOVES to hike and can be found wandering in the woods during most of the summer.  After a bullseye rash and Lyme scare a few years ago, I started incorporating the herb Cistus prior to hiking as it is known to repel ticks.  This mild and sweet-tasting herb was an easy addition to our herbal teas but wasn’t until recently that I discovered the true benefits of this incredible herb. Sardinian Cistus Incanus has a long list of healing properties, but is most well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-viral (Lyme, herpes, EBV, HIV, etc) properties [...]

Lowering Glutamate | Cistus2019-09-27T15:32:57-04:00

Managing Birthdays on REID

While birthdays and birthday parties may seem overwhelming and daunting while on REID, don't let them be. Here are some of the ways we have celebrated our little guys special day while keeping it clean for him and also accommodating others. Cake:  We always stick with a REID modified paleo type birthday cake or cupcake and use fun toys, candles, fruit, flowers, crumbled dried fruit, and decorative items to keep them fun and exciting for the kids.  Naturally colored/dyed shredded coconut or quinoa can also help create a cleaner natural sprinkle.  When dealing with a bigger [...]

Managing Birthdays on REID2019-09-27T20:23:50-04:00

Pineapple Cherry Green Smoothie

Another smoothie combination, thrown together for an easy breakfast or lunch! Ratios can be adjusted based on the amount of fruit tolerated and/or fresh stevia leaf (we bought our plant from Lowes) may be incorporated if you’re really scaling back on fruit.    This quick option helps us to meet our goal of getting at least one green vegetable in at every meal! Serves 2 Ingredients 4 c. Organic Kale (packed) 1-1 oz. shot Organic Wheatgrass (we buy these in the frozen section of Whole Foods) 1 1/4 c. Frozen Organic Cherries (we buy these from Costco) [...]

Pineapple Cherry Green Smoothie2019-09-25T13:10:33-04:00

My Thoughts on the Glutamate Autism Connection

After following REID and doing some research, I started to get a better understanding of the role of excess glutamate in many health issues.  While REID isn't strictly an autism diet, there is a huge connection between excess glutamate and autism.  In my opinion, dietary sources of free glutamate in addition to intrinsic glutamate or glutamate signaling produced by the body, play a much bigger role in health issues than we realize. Due to the number of glutamate receptors throughout the brain and its regulation of over 50% of our nervous system, I personally believe excess glutamate [...]

My Thoughts on the Glutamate Autism Connection2019-09-30T21:20:57-04:00

Incorporating Herbs

REID encourages the use of herbals (culinary and otherwise) to help balance the microbiome and treat sources of underlying inflammation and infection. Immune activation due to underlying infections and imbalances is one of the most prominent reasons for elevated glutamate levels.  Herbs are used to help combat underlying infections, intestinal overgrowth, pathogens, calm microglial activation and restore proper gut and neurological function. Many REID families start with culinary herbs, slowly work to incorporate healing herbal teas and build up from there (tinctures, powders, etc), based on their individual need. We've personally found the most benefit from herbs [...]

Incorporating Herbs2019-09-27T19:39:39-04:00

Speech & Language Development

This is not a comprehensive list, simply some articles I have found along the way. “GABA, which is short for gamma-aminobutyric acid, is your primary inhibitory neurotransmitter. Its primary role is to calm the brain, slow things down and relax you. One of the ways that it assists in this process is by increasing alpha wave production. It is also vital in speech and language. GABA puts the pause or space between words when you speak. The brain uses it to support sensory integration. Without adequate GABA production, our conversations would consist of lots of run on [...]

Speech & Language Development2019-09-19T19:43:44-04:00

A Story of Hope with REID | “My Son’s Diagnosis Was Removed”

We occasionally get letters or comments from parents that have seen improvements in health with REID. To help provide hope to so many still in the trenches, I’ve decided to make more of an effort to share some these comments (with their permission, of course). Many of us don’t have it all figured out, but we cling to the hope and words of progress. Everyone’s journey is different, diet changes may not reap huge changes for all, but it is absolutely helping some. Like this family, glutamate and the REID diet have been a huge piece to [...]

A Story of Hope with REID | “My Son’s Diagnosis Was Removed”2019-09-29T17:09:11-04:00

Lowering Glutamate | Flaxseed Oil

"Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is immensely globally used as a food aroma and additive, several studies indicated its toxicity in different body organs. Here, we aimed to evaluate brain dysfunctions in experimental animal that administered MSG and appreciate the beneficial role of flaxseed oil in attenuating this effect." "The results of this study indicated that MSG was responsible for brain dysfunction that appeared in disturbances of neurotransmitters levels. In addition , the administration of omega-3 fatty acids in treated group effectively attenuated this dysfunctions through replacing omega-6 fatty acids in the neurocells by omega-3 fatty acids that [...]

Lowering Glutamate | Flaxseed Oil2019-09-11T19:50:28-04:00

Pesticides, Herbicides, & Why We Try to Consume Organic

This is not a comprehensive list, simply some articles I have found along the way. Organic is always our preferred choice! Here are just a few examples of why we try to choose organic over conventional food products.  While we are not always able to source organic, making an effort to at least avoid the "Dirty Dozen", should be beneficial. Auxigrow Auxigrow, which contains several sources of free glutamate (including MSG itself) has historically been sprayed on conventional fruits and vegetables to increase yield and help prevent mildew. MSG/free glutamate is not required to be listed [...]

Pesticides, Herbicides, & Why We Try to Consume Organic2019-10-16T07:13:39-04:00

The Role of Glutamate in Vaccines   I would like to start this off by saying, this is not an anti-vaccine post, rather a way to help educate on the glutamate connection to vaccines.  There are a number of ways in which vaccines can lead to elevated glutamate levels and induce neuroinflammation, excitotocitiy, and ‘immunoexcitotoxicity’, therefore, resulting in increased sensitivity to glutamate. Here are a few examples: 1. Ingredients- Glutamate is often used to stabilize a vaccine and can be added as an ingredient (MSG, hydrolyzed protein, etc.) and/or a by-product and contaminant of the various manufacturing processes in every [...]

The Role of Glutamate in Vaccines2019-09-18T21:04:39-04:00
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