After witnessing my sons reaction, I’ve tried to reduce my glutamate and chemical exposure and have started searching for cleaner products for myself.  Since starting diet changes, I’ve been very cautious as to what I use on my face and lips because I am often lucky enough to be on the receiving end of little kisses from my son.  It is not worth the risk of my makeup triggering a reaction in him.  I also, often struggle with dry skin, especially if I have any slip-ups in my own diet. Because of this, my Anti-Aging Facial Oil has become the foundation of my facial care and beauty regimen. On the days I wear make up, I will apply it with the AMAZING Annmarie foundation powder (I use a blend of the Pearl and Olive color and will adjust ratios depending on tan/sun exposure), simply mixing the two to form a foundation.  Otherwise, I apply the Anti-Aging Facial Oil in the evenings after washing my face.

Annmarie, offers a wide variety of beauty products that are fantastic and incredibly clean. This foundation powder simply mixes with an oil of your choice and only contains titanium dioxide, iron oxide, mica, zinc oxide.  Other colors are available.


This 100% Pure Mascara, is a favorite. While the ingredients are not perfect, it is SO SO much better than a lot out there.


Great blemish/purifying serum by Evanhealy that won’t dry your skin out

Wild Carrot Herbals Celadon Seed Facial Toner 

While this is a newer product that I’ve started to use, I love it.  I simply rinse my face in the mornings and spray this on before I walk out the door.

Demodex Control Face Cream (Rosacea)

This face cream was the most beneficial in resolving my rosacea.

Demodex Control Facial Wash (Rosacea)

Our family recently had an unexpected and stressful move and around that time, I started to notice small breakouts and redness around my nose.  After visiting with a dermatologist, I realized I had the beginning signs of rosacea and believe the stress (and increased wine consumption) associated with the move triggered it.  While I understand rosacea is due to underlying inflammation and histamine levels, I found this product to be hugely beneficial. Demodex uses herbals to help manage the overgrowth of the demodex mite that can be found on the skin.  Between diet, managing histamine levels and the use of this product, I have been able to keep the rosacea away.  I started out using the face wash and the face cream, daily, continued use for about a month, and scaled back from there.  I now only use these products roughly once a month.  Note: Corn is the absolute worst for my rosacea

Korean Exfoliating Towel

This towel is the best exfoliator and helps with lymphatic drainage without drying out your skin.  We keep one of these in our shower, bath and by my sink.