Making Better Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get some much-needed nutrients. Proper nutrition alone can offer neuroprotection against excess glutamate, and we've learned through Dr. Reid to treat our morning smoothie as our daily multivitamin. The fiber found in smoothies is essential in reducing inflammation and restoring fiber fermentation in the gut. Like everything, it is hard to make a blanket statement about what is right for each person.  Depending on individual needs and the status of one's gut health (refer to testing for microbial imbalances), some may need to work to increase fiber and smoothies slowly.  In these [...]

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Our Lessons in Healing Timeline

As most of us have discovered, there are lessons to be made when things get rough, even though you may not see them at the moment. This is my very shorthanded abbreviated version of our lessons learned and our healing timeline.  While I know everyone's journey is different, I hope some are able to learn from the mistakes we've made and the lessons we've learned. I heard GFCF is beneficial for Autism and cut it out cold turkey, despite our pediatrician's discouragement.  Replaced with mostly whole foods because I didn't fully understand where it was [...]

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Digging Deeper Into Diet Sample Weekly Meal Plan

I know more than most how overwhelming diet changes can be, especially when going to a low-glutamate diet! While our compliance with a low-glutamate diet has fluctuated over the years, this meal plan is an example of keeping it lower in glutamate while maintaining some sanity with cleaner packaged food options.  There will ALWAYS be room for improvement in diet, and this is a better, not perfect, idea of a typical week. It is important to note that we always strive for more green vegetables in our meals. Ratios served can make a substantial difference. Some [...]

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Food and Behavior Journal

Keeping track of food intake with stool, mood, and behavioral changes is one of the easiest and most cost-effective (who doesn't love free) ways to provide insight as to what foods might be problematic for you.  It is important to note that changes in stool, mood, and behavior may appear the day following consumption and can last for days in some people.  Please feel free to use this free tool to help recognize food sensitivities contributing to your overall inflammation, glutamate levels, and health. Remember that underlying microbial imbalances in the gut can contribute to food sensitivities. [...]

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Thoughts on the Glutamate Autism Connection

After following diet changes and doing some research, I started to get a better understanding of the role of excess glutamate in many health issues.  There is a huge connection between excess glutamate and autism.  In my opinion, dietary sources of free glutamate in addition to intrinsic glutamate or glutamate signaling produced by the body, play a much bigger role in health issues than we realize. Due to the number of glutamate receptors throughout the brain and its regulation of over 50% of our nervous system, I personally believe excess glutamate is a central mechanism behind the [...]

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Incorporating Herbs

In my opinion, immune dysfunction due to underlying infections and imbalances is one of the most prominent reasons for elevated glutamate levels.  Herbs are used to help combat underlying infections, intestinal overgrowth, and pathogens, calm microglial activation, and restore proper gut and neurological function. Many families start with culinary herbs, slowly work to incorporate healing herbal teas, and build up from there (powders, tinctures, etc) based on their individual needs. We've personally found the most benefit from herbs by introducing one at a time, going low and slow (you don't want to induce the cell danger response [...]

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Pesticides, Herbicides, & Why We Try to Consume Organic

This is not a comprehensive list, simply some articles I have found along the way. Organic is always our preferred choice! Here are just a few examples of why we try to choose organic over conventional food products.  While we are not always able to source organic, making an effort to at least avoid the "Dirty Dozen", should be beneficial. Auxigrow In 1998 the EPA ruled that MSG can be sprayed onto crops without restriction. Auxigrow, which contains free glutamate has historically been sprayed on conventional fruits and vegetables to increase yield and help prevent mildew. [...]

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Managing a Dietary Infraction

Help, my child has accidentally consumed a food source of glutamate. How can I help them calm down?!? We've all been there before, and I am convinced I have some PTSD from adverse reactions like this.  Immediately* following a dietary infraction, we give a capsule of activated charcoal (opened and poured into a glass of will turn the water black).  We also try to increase fibrous vegetables and water consumption to help detox on a cellular level.  If you find yourself in a bit of crisis mode, look at this post for additional ways to lower [...]

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Care Provider Sample Letter

One of the more complex tasks we faced was briefly summarizing the severity of the glutamate sensitivity to our care providers (teachers, babysitters, and even family). While this letter is specific to our son, it may help guide how to explain this to care providers.  You may also want to print this list for their reference. Dear [INSERT NAME OF RECIPIENT HERE], I know [INSERT CHILDS NAME HERE] food allergies can be pretty confusing, so I will attempt to give you a little more information about what we are dealing with. I apologize in advance for getting a [...]

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Resources for ASD Parents

Recovering Kids– Shortly after we no longer qualified for a diagnosis, I was introduced to this group of parents fighting to recover their children.  Not only do they have a Facebook page, they also have this fantastic blog, TACA (Talk About Curing Autism Now)– TACA is an amazing non-profit dedicated in helping, supporting and empowering  families affected by autism.  It offers free autism parent mentors for autism families, and I am proud to be one of them.  While they don’t have much information regarding glutamate, they have a substantial amount of information available via their website, podcast, [...]

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