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Mountain Rose Herbs is our go-to place for organic bulk herbs. While not all of their spices are clean, their whole herbs are.  Shipping with them can be expensive, so we try to try for one or two large orders a year. Sage Woman Apothecary- We prefer to source many of our herbal tinctures from Sage Woman Apothecary. While most tinctures are typically made with corn or grain alcohol, Sage tends to use cane alcohol, which would likely be much lower in free glutamate. Gaia Herbal tinctures, which can often be found at most health food stores, often [...]

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I’ve procrastinated on writing this post about homeopathy because it’s complex and hard to put into words what it is and how it works. I am not a medical professional and this post does not act as medical advice, I am simply sharing our experience with homeopathy thus far (we started homeopathy in January of 2015). Homeopathy has been truly life-changing for our family and our love and appreciation for it continues to grow with time. I can’t tell our story about homeopathy without explaining how we were led to it, because it was an absolute [...]

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