Incorporating Herbs

In my opinion, immune dysfunction due to underlying infections and imbalances is one of the most prominent reasons for elevated glutamate levels.  Herbs are used to help combat underlying infections, intestinal overgrowth, and pathogens, calm microglial activation, and restore proper gut and neurological function. Many families start with culinary herbs, slowly work to incorporate healing herbal teas, and build up from there (powders, tinctures, etc) based on their individual needs. We've personally found the most benefit from herbs by introducing one at a time, going low and slow (you don't want to induce the cell danger response [...]

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Managing a Dietary Infraction

Help, my child has accidentally consumed a food source of glutamate. How can I help them calm down?!? We've all been there before, and I am convinced I have some PTSD from adverse reactions like this.  Immediately* following a dietary infraction, we give a capsule of activated charcoal (opened and poured into a glass of will turn the water black).  We also try to increase fibrous vegetables and water consumption to help detox on a cellular level.  If you find yourself in a bit of crisis mode, look at this post for additional ways to lower [...]

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Supplement Risks?

At various times during our journey, numerous practitioners have suggested the use of supplements. While I know most families working on healing have a heavy emphasis on supplements, we’ve personally chosen to try and avoid them. Because this is so unconventional, I will admit that I’ve questioned this decision at times, but deep down I  firmly believe this was one of the best decisions we’ve personally made for our family. One reason why we’ve chosen to avoid supplements is because of our experience with them early on. About the time we started with diet changes, we [...]

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After witnessing my sons reaction, I’ve tried to reduce my glutamate and chemical exposure and have started searching for cleaner products for myself.  Since starting diet changes, I’ve been very cautious as to what I use on my face and lips because I am often lucky enough to be on the receiving end of little kisses from my son.  It is not worth the risk of my makeup triggering a reaction in him.  I also, often struggle with dry skin, especially if I have any slip-ups in my own diet. Because of this, my Anti-Aging Facial Oil has [...]


Body Care

Finding and sourcing clean health and beauty products can be just as hard, if not harder, than finding clean food.  Here are some of our go to favorites, that are not only low glutamate (REID approved), but homeopathic friendly. The following items have been linked via Amazon and/or Thrive Market affiliate pages where I may earn a commission from. Products may need to be sourced based on availability and/or pricing. Epsom Salts By now you’ve likely realized our obsession with Epsom salt soaks.  Take a look at this recipe for a glutamate [...]

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Allergies & Histamines

Take a look at this blog post for more information on our experience with histamine. Herbs: Nettle, Goldenrod, Milk Thistle, Red Clover, Gingko.  Traditional Medicinals Nettle Tea may be beneficial for those just starting out. Homeopathy: homeopathy is unlike traditional medicine and is hugely dependent on the state of the person and symptoms. (I would NOT advise taking these unless you’re working under the care of a practitioner) However, the remedy Histamines Hydrochloricum is known to help with overall histamine load. Mast Cell Stabilizers: Because glutamate activates mast cells, many remedies suggested to lower glutamate, also help to stabilize mast cells.  Take a look at this post for [...]

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Upset Stomach & Stomach Bug Remedies

The dreaded stomach bug!  When it hits, you’re pretty much willing to try ANYTHING to get it to stop, at least this is true for us.  Surprisingly enough, our son has never had the stomach bug.  However I have, and homeopathy has been a freaking lifesaver.  I’ve created a chart below to give you an idea of which remedy to use when the dreaded stomach bug hits.  While not ideal, I’ve been known to try more than one, just to get the pain from stoping .  In addition to homeopathy, I’ve included [...]

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Strep Throat

Herbs: Clove, Oregon Grape, Barberry, Goldenseal, Goldthread, Raw Garlic, Turmeric, Oregano, Peppermint*, Basil, Ginger and Neem (do not consume items indicated with * in conjunction with homeopathy). Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat may help relieve the symptoms of strep as well. Homeopathy: Homeopathy is unlike traditional medicine and is hugely dependent on the state of the person and symptoms. (I would NOT advise taking these unless you’re working under the care of a practitioner).  However, these remedies may be beneficial in treating strep. Streptococcinum, Hepar Sulph and/or Mercurius Solubilis Essential Oils: Natural defense EO’s like OnGuard or Thieves, clove, oregano, lemon, tea tree*, [...]

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Croup is one of those horrible respiratory infections that we seemed to very frequently get early on.  In fact, we’ve even had it reappear in response to homeopathic remedies as part of a healing crisis.  Here are some ways you may natural combat croup. Herbs: Thyme, Licorice Root, Fenugreek Seed, Fennel, Sage, Marshmallow Root, Plantain Leaf, Oregano, Ginger, Rose Hips, Cat’s claw, Goldenseal, Eucalyptus*, Elderberry (do not consume items indicated with * in conjunction with homeopathy) Homeopathy: Homeopathy is unlike traditional medicine and is hugely dependent on the state of the person and symptoms. (I would NOT advise taking these unless [...]


Cold & Flu Remedies

Herbs: Traditional Medicinals Children’s Cold Care, Gypsy Cold Care or Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat are often a quick fix to help relieve the symptoms of the common cold or flu.  The following herbs may also be use to help fight underlying infections associated with colds. Antibacterial herbs- Clove, Oregano, Goldenseal, Oregon Grape Root, Cinnamon, Thyme, Raw Garlic, Honey, Ginger Anti-viral herbs: Clove, Calendula, Cat’s Claw, Chinese Skullcap, Licorice Root, Astragalus Root, Olive Leaf, Oregano, Milk Thistle, Ginger Homeopathy: At the very first sign of a cold or flu, I try to dose myself with a homeopathic remedy. If the sickness seems to [...]

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