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Vitamix Pro Series

While this expensive Pro Series isn’t necessary, a Vitamix is is the #1 recommended gadget when following REID! This gem is used daily (often multiple times) for smoothies, juices, soups, baking mixes, sauce prep, etc. MUST get a vitamix! Costco also offers great deals

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Less expensive Vitamix we keep at our vacation home. While this one isn’t our favorite, it gets the job done.

Glass Beverage Container

These are fantastic for storing homemade herbal teas, nut milk and filtered water.

Quart Glass Storage Bottle

Great for homemade dressings/condiments and smoothies on the run

Food Processor

I consider the Vitamin and a Food Processor must-haves for following REID. While I was originally able to get away with a smaller food processor, I recently upgraded to this one and LOVE it!! Great for making large batches of freezer meals!

Glass Straws

OUR FAVORITE (when home)!!!

Breville Toaster/Convection Oven & Air Fryer

This product does include a few non stick pieces but it was the best option we could find to fit our specific needs at the time

Breville Nespresso Single Serving with Milk Frother

Well aware that most avoid coffee pods like nespresso, but this is one of our cherished items we cannot kick. I love the easy to clean milk frother to spice up my almond milk and maple syrup. Just have to keep it real.

AquaTru Water Filter

We recently purcahsed this for our temporary home in florida and love it.

Large YETI Rambler

I rarely leave the house without this.

Hand Blender

While we don’t use this often, it is great to have on hand for last minute salad dressings, mayo, etc. Especially, when I’d rather not dirty the blender.

Construction Utensils

These were our little guys favorite when we were enouraging him to use utensils over his hands