November 2020

Mac & Cheese

One of the hardest dishes to make once you’ve removed gluten and dairy is macaroni and cheese. Even more so as you work to reduce glutamate since nutritional yeast [...]

Breakfast Hash

A breakfast hash is one of our favorite and most frequently made breakfast options because it is versatility. It is an easy way to scramble various sauteed and or raw [...]

Yeast Fighting Tea

For quite some time, we've been making a yeast fighting herbal tea comprised of various loose herbals with anti-fungal properties.  However, I've always hesitated to share specific herbal information publicly [...]

October 2020

Free Glutamate Search

Items are listed from highest to lowest in free glutamate (High, Moderate, Medium, Low) I have a few disclaimers to add here: Many of the listed ingredients are based on [...]


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