High levels of ammonia are frequently found in those on the autism spectrum. Ammonia may be high for many reasons including, bacterial imbalances, overgrowth of e.coli, clostridia, klebsiella, parasites, protein consumption, and so on and ammonia is a byproduct of their metabolism.  One of the most common symptoms of high ammonia is the strong smell of ammonia in sweat, urine, stool and/or breath.  Many often experience behavioral reactions from high ammonia, and in my opinion, this may be because of its ability to increase glutamate levels. An organic acids test (OAT) or a comprehensive stool analysis [...]


Phenols & Salicylates

Phenols (salicylates are a type of phenol) are a chemical compound naturally found in foods. Typically the brighter/more colorful the food, the higher in phenols. Some Foods/Herbs Highest in Phenols & Salicylate Food coloring/dyes Apricots Dates Cherries Berries Bananas Soy Buckwheat Symptoms Associated with Phenols & Salicylate overly giggly red ears or flushed cheeks aggression defiance irritability night waking tics emotional dark circles under eyes hyperactivity Testing Phenol Sulfotransferase Deficiency (PST) which should be indicated on a 23 & me SNP’s test What Would Cause You To Be Sensitive To Phenols & Salicylate? PST SNP Clostrida A [...]

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