Phenols & Salicylates

Phenols (salicylates are a type of phenol) are a chemical compound naturally found in foods. Typically the brighter/more colorful the food, the higher in phenols. Some Foods/Herbs Highest in Phenols & Salicylate Food coloring/dyes Apricots Dates Cherries Berries Bananas Soy Buckwheat Symptoms Associated with Phenols & Salicylate overly giggly red ears or flushed cheeks aggression defiance irritability night waking tics emotional dark circles under eyes hyperactivity Testing Phenol Sulfotransferase Deficiency (PST) which should be indicated on a 23 & me SNP’s test What Would Cause You To Be Sensitive To Phenols & Salicylate? PST SNP Clostrida A [...]