Early on in our journey I found this amazing symptom checklist from, The River to Recovery blog .  Unfortunately, it didn’t include glutamate or symptoms related to excess glutamate so I was always kind of guessing until I was able to research further.  With the creation on the Facebook group, I found many others were looking for the same sort of checklist for glutamate symptoms as well and thus this list was created.  The majority of these are based on our personal experience or with information we’ve discovered along the way. Hopefully, this will serve as a sort of guide to help discover what may be part of the root cause for many behavioral issues we face with our children and ourselves.  This list was especially important when trying to discover what additional food sensitivities our son was dealing with.

Aggressive Behavior: excess glutamate, hypoglycemia, allergies, food sensitivities, phenols, pain, constipation, microbial imbalances, adrenals, PANS, PANDAS

Anxiety: excess glutamate, microbial imbalances, yeast, PANS, PANDAS, LYME, overall inflammation, viral load

Anti-social: excess glutamate/low GABA

Bad Breath: Yeast, ketosis/too low carb, dehydration, low zinc, strep, microbial imbalances

Biting: see sensory seeking

Bloating (aka Buddha Belly): SIBO, histamine, yeast, die-off, clostridia, constipation, oxalate dumping

Chapped Lips: yeast, dehydration, low b-vitamins

Chewing on things: low zinc, low magnesium, yeast

Climbing: see sensory seeking

Dark Circles Under Eyes: food allergies, food sensitivities, environmental allergies, poor detoxification, inflammation, histamine, mast cell activation

Defiance: excess glutamate, phenols, food sensitivities

Dry Skin: food sensitivities, food allergies, need for essential fatty acids, histamine, mast cell activation, low B-vitamins

Ear Wax (Abundant): yeast, food sensitivities, acute illness, need for essential fatty acids, histamine, allergies

Echolalia: excess glutamate, microbial imbalances

Eczema: allergies, food sensitivities, environmental allergies, histamine, mast cell activation

Emotional: hypoglycemia, adrenals, phenols, PANS, PANDAS, excess glutamate

Eye Contact (Poor): excess glutamate/low GABA, low vitamin A, yeast, microbial imbalances, low zinc

Fatigue: excess glutamate, adrenal fatigue, mast cell activation, mitochondrial dysfunction, LYME

Fine Motor Delay: mitochondrial dysfunction, excess glutamate, gross motor delay, retained primitive reflexes

Flushed Skin (face/ears): phenols, detox, histamine, mast cell activation, food allergy, food sensitivity, environmental allergy

Flexed or Crunched Fingers: excess glutamate

Frequent Urination: detox, oxalate dumping, excess glutamate, low magnesium, PANS, PANDAS, constipation

Gas: GI inflammation, food allergies, food sensitivities, trouble processing sulfur (smelly), yeast, microbial imbalances (smelly), constipation (smelly)

Grinding Teeth: parasites, excess glutamate (specifically in the basal ganglia), low magnesium, yeast, microbial imbalances

Hand Flapping: see stimming

Hitting/Pushing/Pressing on you: GI inflammation, see sensory seeking

Holding Privates: yeast, oxalate dumping

Hyperactivity: excess glutamate, yeast, food sensitivity, phenols, see sensory seeking

Humping: yeast, constipation, histamine, oxalate dumping, see sensory seeking

Irritability: excess glutamate, adrenals, detox, food sensitivity, hypoglycemia, histamine, low magnesium, low B vitamins, PANS, PANDAS

Itchy Eyes: histamines, oxalate, low vitamin K

Itchy Bottom: parasites, yeast

Joint Pain: excess glutamate, high inflammation, food sensitivities, LYME, mold exposure, oxalate dumping, need for essential fatty acids, PANS, PANDAS, mold exposure

Jumping (around/couch cushions): see sensory seeking & stimming

Laughing Inappropriately: yeast, phenols, ammonia, microbial imbalances

Lining Things Up: Excess glutamate (specifically around basal ganglia), yeast, low magnesium, microbial imbalances, see visual stimming

Looking out of Corner of Eye/Dropping Things/Looking at things Closely: see visual stimming

Low Muscle Tone/Gross Motor Delay: mitochondrial dysfunction, excess glutamate, high underlying inflammation, retained primitive reflexes, cerebral folate deficiency (CFD),

Migraines: excess glutamate, low magnesium, food sensitivities

Night Terrors: excess glutamate, food allergies, food sensitivities, microbial imbalances, PANS, PANDAS, parasites

Night Waking: excess glutamate, detox, phenols, histamine, low magnesium, low melatonin, hypoglycemia, inflammation

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: excess glutamate, low magnesium, neuro-inflammation, microbial imbalances,

Pacing: excess glutamate, yeast, GI inflammation (see stimming)

Picky Eating: Excess dietary glutamate, yeast, low zinc, microbial imbalances, EoE, constipation, see sensory & reflux

PICA: low zinc, low iron, parasites, yeast

Pressing Abdomen on Things: GI Inflammation, constipation, food allergies, food sensitivities

Red Ring Around Mouth: yeast, food allergies, food sensitivities, histamine

Red Ring Around Bottom: yeast, strep, food allergies, food sensitivities, microbial imbalances,

Restless Legs- excess glutamate

Rocking:  see stimming

Self-Injurious Behavior/Head Banging/Biting: allergies, phenols, GI inflammation, microbial imbalances, see sensory seeking

Sensitivity to:

  • Noise: excess glutamate, low magnesium, yeast, inflammation
  • Smells: excess glutamate, low zinc
  • Light: excess glutamate, adrenals, mold exposure
  • Textures: excess glutamate, low zinc

Separation Anxiety: excess glutamate, PANS, PANDAS, viral load, microbial imbalances

Sensory Seeking: excess glutamate, low magnesium, neuro-inflammation, GI inflammation yeast, microbial imbalances, retained primitive reflexes

Speech Delays: excess glutamate/low GABA, motor planning/apraxia, need for essential fatty acids, overall inflammation, underlying infections, cerebral folate deficiency (CFD)

Spinning: see sensory seeking & visual stimming

Spitting: Parasites

Spit Bubbles: yeast

Strabismus (one eye turns inwards): excess glutamate


  • Visual Stimming: excess glutamate (specifically around basal ganglia), microglial activation, yeast, vitamin A deficiency, microbial imbalances, viral load, retained primitive reflexes
  • Vocal Stimming: excess glutamate (specifically around the vagus nerve), microglial activation, yeast, high inflammation, viral load, microbial imbalances, low magnesium

Movement Disorders/Stimming/CMS/Repetitive Behavior’s: excess glutamate (especially around the vagus nerve), microglial activation, low GABA, yeast, high inflammation, GI inflammation, microbial imbalances, phenols, viral load, low magnesium see sensory seeking, PANS, PANDAS


  • Constipation: excess glutamate/low GABA, SIBO, mitochondrial dysfunction, low magnesium microbial imbalances, blockage, dehydration, dairy, too many nuts and/or bananas
  • Diarrhea: GI inflammation, microbial imbalances, food allergies, food sensitivities, blockage, histamine, mast cell activation, CFD
  • Undigested Food in Stool: malabsorption, lack of enzymes, bile production, GI inflammation, food intolerances/fast transit, microbial imbalances, yeast
  • Floating Stool: fat malabsorption, malabsorption
  • Sand like Gritty Stool: oxalate dumping
  • Very Smelly: constipation, die-off, microbial imbalances, clostridia
  • Green in Color: diet high in greens, bile production, microbial imbalances, antibiotics/probiotics, fast transit time
  • Pale or Yellow in Color: liver congestion, bile production, fat malabsorption, parasites, microbial imbalances, GI inflammation, coconut flour, fast transit time
  • Red in Color: Beet consumption, ulcers, bleeding in the GI tract, GI inflammation, hemorrhoids

Sweating (particularly at night): Detox, Babesia

Tics: excess glutamate, microglial activation, GI inflammation, microbial imbalances (bacteria), low magnesium, EMF exposure, screen time, PANS, PANDAS

Toe Walking: excess glutamate, yeast, GI inflammation, retained primitive reflexes

Wet the bed/pants: excess glutamate, detox, low magnesium, PANS, PANDAS

W-Sitting: low tone, excess glutamate, mitochondrial dysfunction, need for carnitine see sensory seeking, retained primitive reflexes

Yes/No Loop: excess glutamate