We occasionally get letters or comments from parents that have seen improvements in health. To help provide hope to so many still in the trenches, I’ve decided to make more of an effort to share some of these comments (with their permission, of course). Many of us don’t have it all figured out, but we cling to the hope and words of progress. Everyone’s journey is different, diet changes may not reap huge changes for all, but it is absolutely helping some.  Thank you for giving us hope…

“Just wanted to share our progress in just 3 weeks

10 months of speech therapy- 18 new words

3 weeks of the diet- 8 new words.

I have to add that those are just the speech improvements so far.  His behavioral improvements are astonishing as well. His speech therapist was thrilled with his speech progress but said the best improvement was that ‘he just seemed happier’ and we absolutely agree.”

-Anonymous Mom