Pomegranate, Orange & Raspberry Green Smoothie

Looking for another beginner smoothie?  This nutrient packed smoothie can easily be adjusted as you evolve into a higher vegetable diet.  Sipping on this will help repopulate the gut with good bacteria and provide an ample amount of magnesium, vitamins C & K and helps in detoxification.  This anti-inflammatory drink also has neuroprotective effects and will help to balance neurotransmitters, including glutamate and GABA. Serves 2 Ingredients 2 c. Kale (use Dino kale for those needing lower oxalate) 1 c. Spinach (sub with Dino kale for those needing lower oxalate) 1/2 c. Pomegranate Seeds (fresh) 1/2 [...]

Pomegranate, Orange & Raspberry Green Smoothie2020-10-02T13:23:04-04:00

Pineapple Cherry Green Smoothie

Another smoothie combination, thrown together for an easy breakfast or lunch! Ratios can be adjusted based on the amount of fruit tolerated and/or fresh stevia leaf (we bought our plant from Lowes) may be incorporated if you’re really scaling back on fruit.    This quick option helps us to meet our goal of getting at least one green vegetable in at every meal! Serves 2 Ingredients 4 c. Organic Kale (packed) 1-1 oz. shot Organic Wheatgrass (we buy these in the frozen section of Whole Foods) 1 1/4 c. Frozen Organic Cherries (we buy these from Costco) [...]

Pineapple Cherry Green Smoothie2020-10-02T13:25:36-04:00
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