While birthdays and birthday parties may seem overwhelming and daunting while on a low glutamate diet, don’t let them be. Here are some of the ways we have celebrated our little guys’ special day while keeping it clean for him and also accommodating others.

  • Cake:  We always stick with a modified paleo type birthday cake or cupcake and use fun toys, candles, fruit, flowers, crumbled dried fruit, and decorative items to keep them fun and exciting for the kids.  Naturally colored/dyed shredded coconut or quinoa can also help create a cleaner natural sprinkle.  When dealing with a bigger crowd or with other children with nut allergies (most Paleo cake options contain nuts), I also include store-bought simple cupcakes to accommodate those guests. The keyword here is, simple.  You certainly don’t want to outshine the cake for the one being celebrated.
  • Meals:  Some sample of our birthday party meals include
    • Clean whole food chicken strips, homemade & real ketchup, fruit bowl, vegetable platter, chips for the kids and Zoes Chicken gluten-free chicken strips, salad, and roasted potatoes
    • Mini hamburgers sliders on lettuce with a toothpick, potato salad, roasted vegetables, fruit salad
  • Snacks:  In my opinion, snacks are the easiest thing to tackle as you can incorporate fresh vegetable and fruit platters, clean chips, popcorn, etc.  Take a look at some of these snacks for more ideas.
  • Party Favors: Instead of handing out bags full of candies, we typically hand out little toys, books or even a cupcake to avoid having to make a big ordeal of differences in desserts.