Where to Eat

Intelligent Gourmet is located in the back of the local health food store, Palma Ceia Village Health Market.  They have a wide variety of REID, gluten-free, vegan, paleo and keto meals and baked goods. Very casual and easy to grab meals on the run.

BarTaco– located in Hyde Park Village, this restaurant has many gluten-free, REID friendly items, and even clean cocktails, all in a great ambiance. Our son will typically have roasted chicken, cucumber, fruit, and broccoli. A note for myself, the fish is fried in rice flour.

Hyppo Pops– After you’ve had dinner at BarTaco, walk over to Hyppo Pops for a clean fruit-based ice pop. As always, check ingredients.

Fresh Kitchen- while not completely REID friendly, this restaurant is completely gluten-free and carries many dairy-free options.  Be sure to take a look at their REID friendly and paleo baked goods.

Rollin’ Oats is another one of our favorite health food stores.  They have a wide selection of REID clean items, gluten-free baked goods, and specialty products…expect to find some goodies here.

On Swann– this is my favorite restaurant in town for a date night.  While this restaurant does not specialize in dietary restrictions, they are able to alter recipes to fit your needs.  Great place for an adults-only night out.

Daily Eats- this fun brunch spot has quite a few gluten-free breakfast options but few REID friendly options.  Fun spot, if you’re okay with a basic egg and fruit/smoothie breakfast.

What to Do

The Tampa Riverwalk is a must-do. This pedestrian walkway runs about 2.5 miles along the water and through the downtown area. There are many parks, restaurants, and recreational activities along the way.  You can even easily rent a boat, paddleboard, kayak, or boat tour to explore the area more.

Along the Riverwalk you will find the Sparkman Wharf area.  This waterfront venue is the home to several very colorful and delicious “food truck” inspired shipping containers.  Each container represents their own diverse and unique restaurant.  Simply order your meal, sit by the water, and enjoy some live music. Our son prefers the Shrimp Fresh Rolls from BT in a Box (we skip the sauce).

You will also come across Armature Works along the Riverwalk. This is one of my favorite places in town!  I describe it as a trendy foodie food court.  Enjoy the trendy waterside ambiance and get your pick of several food options.  If you can’t find anything “clean” enough for you, consider one of the smoothie/juice bars also located inside.  I great casual place for kids to run around and play while you eat.