We occasionally get letters or comments from parents that have seen improvements in health. To help provide hope to so many still in the trenches, I’ve decided to make more of an effort to share some of these comments (with their permission, of course). Many of us don’t have it all figured out, but we cling to the hope and words of progress. Everyone’s journey is different, diet changes may not reap huge changes for all, but it is absolutely helping some.  Thank you for giving us hope…

“Original post-So proud of my son (16 yo, neurotypical, recovered).  He had a pot luck at school, for AP History, it was a class reward.  The theme was Italian. He CHOSE a healthy veggie dish, found the recipe, and followed it, and even added a cute photo to get his peers to try it.  He quoted, “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff”.  He made ratatouille.  I just helped him slice the eggplant and tomatoes and guided him.  He learned that dicing onions makes you cry, lol.  He had a lot of fun sharing the leftovers with his bandmates and instructor.

Edited to add recovery story:  He had extreme speech apraxia and attended a speech and language preschool, I would cry because he tried so hard to communicate with me and I had a hard time understanding him but I was the only one who came close.  Surprisingly, on his own, as he got older, he found alternative ways to communicate with me- gestures, pictures, drawings, describing things in alternative ways.  He had Speech Therapy at school and private, until 8th grade.  Those R sounds were tough.

Vax injuries (many but mainly Gardasil and Tdap) as he grew older, caused anxiety, tics and possibly Pandas/Pans.  His sister’s health plummeted at this time 13yo and she regressed, non-verbal, pandas, seizures, wheelchair, pots, and more.  In desperation, to help mainly his sister… we found Reid, herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, magnesium, medical medium, nano zeolites, CBD oil and it helped him.  We also got cats to help with his separation anxiety (during possible pandas) which helped him tremendously and gave me a much-needed break.  T*** our kitty follows him around now and they adore each other.

Both my kids did not appreciate (to put it nicely😂) our diet changes!  They were 11 and 13 yo at the time, we began with gluten-free then dairy-free, finding this group was like life support.  Everyone – husband, mother, brothers, sisters, school, friends… thought our diet was nuts!  Now school staff and school peers ask my kids what they are eating because they are curious, and “It looks so good!” 🙃. We are still on the road to recovery with my daughter, 18yo now, and honestly, it hurts to see the differences between both my kids, however I know we are in a better place now than 5 years ago and not turning back!  Btw, my daughter no longer has a wheelchair, pots, staring seizures, or full body tics and is verbal again.”

-Anonymous Mom