Low-Glutamate Broth

MSG in your broth?  Yes, this can be true- especially when using many store-bought options. Processed store-bought options contain many additives high in free-glutamate (MSG) like- monosodium glutamate itself, natural flavors, hydrolized protein, gelatin, “spices”, hydrolized soy protein, flavoring, dextrose, corn syrup, yeast extract, yeast, and even the terms “broth”, “bouillon” and “stock” as ingredients are known to often contain these higher levels. Additionally, some amount of free glutamate can naturally be created during the process of making the broth and may be problematic for those sensitive to free glutamate. Yes, you heard that right.  According [...]

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Pumpkin Seed Croutons

Let’s be honest, my family tires of salads and I find myself frequently looking for ways to spice them up a bit.  I was inspired to make our own “croutons” about a year or two ago after purchasing the Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook and decided to put our own spin on her recipe.  One of my additions to the recipe was to include one of our favorite herbs, milk thistle. See this post as to why we love milk thistle. Milk thistle is great and is known to help calm microglial activation, which produces inflammatory cytokines [...]

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Cashew Bread

Recipe adapted from the amazing Danielle Walker at, Against All Grain.  I highly encourage her cookbooks, Delectable Paleo Recipes, Meals Made Simple & Celebrations.  While all ingredients are not REID approved, most can easily be adapted.  While we don’t consume a lot of bread now, this recipe was essential in helping us transition away from processed foods.  I would be cautious not to go overboard with consumption of this bread.  The amount of egg and nuts found in this can be problematic for some (especially if sensitive to oxalate), and may result in behavioral symptoms, including constipation.    Ingredients 8 eggs [...]

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Vegan Parmesan Cheese

There are just certain dishes where you need to incorporate the parmesan cheese flavor!  We keep a batch of this in our freeze to step up some of our easy weeknight meals.  We love this sprinkled over our yuca crust pizza, grain free spaghetti & meatballs, roasted artichoke hearts and anything that sounds good at the time. If you can tolerate nuts, you will want to try this! Ingredients 1 c. Organic Raw Macadamia Nuts 1/4 tsp. Himalayan Salt 1/4 tsp. Garlic granules* 1/4 tsp. Onion granules* Instructions Place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until fine [...]

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Homemade vinegar-free mayonnaise has become a staple in our home.  We primarily use it in salad dressing blends or as a base for chicken, egg, tuna and shrimp salads.  If you can tolerate eggs, you may find this proves to be a great addition to your meals.  My son loves it! Ingredients 2 eggs 1 lemon 2 cups (approximately) of avocado and/or grapeseed oil Seasonings of choice Instructions Using a food processor with the “S” blade attachment or an immersion blender, crack to eggs into processor or narrow bowl. Squeeze juice from one lemon over eggs, [...]


Vegan Ricotta Cheese

We’ve found that one of the best ways for us to personally navigate the world of casein-free, is to incorporate the use cashews. Cashews have a cheesy creamy texture and can often taste like a creamy ricotta, depending on the seasonings used. This creamy cashew ricotta works well in many recipes and stores great in the freezer.  It can also easily be grated on meals for the perfect finishing touch! Ingredients 2 cup cashews soaked for 4-6 hrs 6 tbsp olive oil 8 tbsp filtered water 1/2 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp garlic granules Hefty dash [...]

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Super Green Powder

Most veggie powders, like spirulina, contain a high amount of free glutamate. We made a low glutamate, lower oxalate, super green powder using lacinato (aka dino) kale. This is a great option for those picky eaters or little ones you’re trying to get more veggies in. Simply toss this powder into smoothies, sauces, baked goods, etc. for extra fiber and nutrition (magnesium, vitamins K, A & C, folate, etc). This super food will also help in detoxification, lowering inflammation, neutralizing free radicals and offers neuroprotection from excess glutamate. Any greens can be used or combined but [...]

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Chia Seed Jam

Did you know that free glutamate (aka MSG) can often be found in some of healthier food options, like jam? It is often found in higher levels in additives like citric acid, pectin, natural flavors, etc.  Not to mention, many conventional jam options are loaded with other inflammatory additives like high fructose corn syrup.   Looking for a quick clean store-bought option? Take a look at this post, where I compare two store-bought options.   Ingredients 10 oz. frozen berries 3 tbsp. water 2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice 1-2 tbsp. sweetener of choice (honey best, maple syrup if [...]

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Tahini Bread

If you are in the United Kingdom, you’ll absolutely want to checkout the incredible, Lucinda Miller with the NatureDoc Clinic. Lucinda is a Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lucinda takes a scientific and holistic approach to identifying health problems, using laboratory testing and gentle, natural interventions to provide solutions.  She also focuses on lowering glutamate with her patients, win-win!!  It is through her Instagram page, that I found this delicious nut-free sandwich bread. This crusty bread is a great alternative to the overly moist paleo breads and perfect for those nut-free lunches! Ingredients 11 oz Organic Tahini [...]

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